How to Challenge

"It is understood that this pennant is to be held by the club winning it under the terms of this instrument,
and is not the property of the owner of any yacht winning a match"


All challenges shall be in writing, signed by two officers of the challenging club, and sent through the mails to the Secretary of the defending club. Challenges must be accepted and sailed for in the order in which they have been respectively received, except that in the case of question as to priority of challenge, date and hour of postmark shall govern, and except that a defending club may elect to sail against several challengers at once if it so chooses. All challenges must be postmarked at least one week prior to the first race. No verbal challenge for the pennant is valid.

To Challenge: Write a Letter

The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club is assisting the Pewaukee Ice Yacht Club with the challenges. Email challenges will not be accepted. To challenge, please write a letter of challenge to the Pewaukee Ice Yacht Club on behalf of your iceboat club, have it signed by two officers, and mail to:

The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club
c/o 1200 East Broadway
Monona, WI 53716

Letters of Challenge

Ice Yacht Challenge Rules in PDF